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These lists contain contact information of people who have recently closed on a home. These can be brand new homes or resold homes. Customers are encouraged to use the lists multiple times for best results. Not once, as the national list companies insist.

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Adhesive backed mailing labels*, diskette, fax or email (preferred)

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Call us and we will work up a profile to fit your needs quickly. Based on your profile, we will then run a sample to see the number of names you can expect in a one month period. Profile samples are necessary because the resulting output can vary greatly depending on density of desired area and other selected parameters (i.e. phone numbers only vs. no phone numbers). Once your target parameters are finalized, and output numbers are determined, price can be assigned.

One time bulk orders are available on request. Cost is determined by multiplying a number of cents times the number of records. The number of cents per name is determined by volume of names.


*Adhesive backed labels are an additional $25/per month to cover label material and postage.


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