Data Column Key -- Houston

When you receive an Excel file created from the DBF(Database Format) format, you will see the data with column headings. This table shows a description of those column headings.

Column Name Description Column Name Description
SELLER Not Used NR New or Re-Sell Home
FNAME First Name HC Home or Condo
MI Middle Initial
MORTCO Mortgage Company
LNAME Last Name MAMOUNT Loan Amount
2FNAME Not Used FVC Not Used
2LNAME Not Used FC Not Used
ADDRESS Property Address COUNTY County
UNIT Condo Unit Number1 DATE Not Used
CITY City NAME Primary Name4
STATE State NAME 2 Not Used
ZIP CODE Zip Code2 TERM Not Used
AREA Phone Area Code CODE Not Used
PHONE Phone Number3 TDATE Closing Date
PRICE Estimated Home Purchase Price    
  1. UNIT - These are not apartments. Only real estate transactions appear in the list.
  2. ZIP CODE - Zip +4 and address corrected.
  3. PHONE - Phone numbers have been scrubbed from no-call list as required by law.
  4. NAME 1 - Primary Name associated with property

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