If you are printing medium to large quantities of labels, we can save you 50% on label cost. We offer most sizes of quality, peel-and-stick labels made in the US. We have been using these for several years and find them to be of excellent quality.

We are now distributing these labels and can provide most required sizes. For standard address use, the 1” x 2 5/8” size is the equivalent of Avery 5160 found in most major office supply stores. Call for other size availability.

As an example, one case(10 boxes of 3000) of Avery equivalent 1” x 2 5/8”, white, labels are $15/box INCLUDING shipping! You would pay ~$30/box at the major office supply stores.

To get this low price, a minimum purchase of one case (10 boxes of 3000 labels) is required. These labels can arrive on your doorstep in ~3 business days.

Call us at 800-381-4940


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